Football star academy has a class for children of all different abilities. Our unique methods and creative sessions not only help a child learn new skills but builds confidence and learn new dynamic movements related to all sports.

Teamwork and building friendships throughout our classes are very important in our learning philosophy. Our coaching sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the group and to challenge each individual.

Not only will or classes give a child the foundation to learn and improve but it will also enhance there motor skills to help co-ordination and balance in there early years of development.

1. Tweenies NEW

Our tweenies classes are designed to introduce kids to sport and its benefits such as teamwork and basic movement skills. We look to introduce children to a new group of friends and ultimately have fun!

Bannatynes, Livingston

2. Soccer Tots

Our fun creative coaching methods are designed to challenge the ability of each child whilst creating an environment for them to gain confidence and early co ordination skills.

New Victoria Park, Newtongrange

Blackburn Community Centre, Blackburn

Bannatynes, Livingston NEW

3. Nursery

Our tailored classes make football fun for all ages and abilities. At football star academy we look to develop-a child’s early coordination and motor skills that will help improve their skill set that can be used in nearly all sports.

Rainbow Nursery, Bathgate

Early Steps Nursery, Bathgate

4. Soccer School

Our soccer schools are the next step on the pathway in football star academy from our soccer tots classes. The soccer school classes are more technically advanced and challenge the children in all aspects of football.

Blackburn Community Centre, Blackburn

Simpson Primary School, Bathgate

Ashton Bennet Park, Newtongrange

5. Schools

With a history of delivering football to primary schools through SFA programs such as Tesco Bank we at football star academy have rounded our coaching methods to deliver a wide range of fun football activities for all children to enjoy.

6. 50+ Walking Football NEW

Our new walking football classes are designed to keep people active and involved in the footballing community in their later years. The game has obvious health benefits, both physical and mental, tackles social isolation, helps build community cohesion and is, of course, great fun.

Bannatynes, Livingston

1-2-1 and 2-2-1's

Our unique sessions are designed for players who what to improve and have the desire to succeed. Target specific training sessions are structured to benefit individuals with a more personalised training session. Our aim is to focus on the areas and positions the chosen player/players play in along with developing other key attributes needed to succeed.

Each player in both the 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 will receive an individual training programme, which will focus on improving their weaknesses and further develop their strengths. At football star academy we have programs for all age groups from 8 years all the way up to adults. Whether you are new to football, play locally are already signed at a professional academy or club our qualified licensed head coach can develop a fun and structured programme that will take your game to the next level.

All of our sessions follow the Football star Academy philosophy of producing skilled, confident and creative football players who are competent in managing the ball under pressure and have heightened awareness of their surroundings. Creative coaching methods to improve a player’s technical ability and confidence by allowing them to develop new skills in a positive fun and challenging environment.

We attend games to analyse players in a game scenario and use video analysis as part of our learning techniques. We believe our sessions can not only help you grow as a footballer but to make you the fittest and sharpest you can possibly be.

Elite Sessions

Elite group sessions are designed to help players improve their skill set In their chosen positions. A series of game-related plays and micro drills are designed to help install the required patterns that evolve in real game time. By challenging the group In creative drills a player can start to see game scenarios developing and can then gain the skills required to overcome game situations positive or negative. Our sessions demand a high level of intensity and challenge each individual to their maximum p otential. Work, attitude and desire and all the things we ask of our players to bring to each session in the academy we can give you the tools to help you improve your all-round game.